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White Aligoté

Aligoté, a crossing of Pinot noir and Gouais blanc, originates from Burgundy and spread throughout France. It’s cold tolerant and ripens early, but is susceptible to fungal disease.

Called “Plant du Rhin” when it was brought to Geneva in the early 1900s, it is now something of a specialty in Geneva giving us an acidic, refreshing wine. It can be drunk young.

When blended, Aligoté adds acidity and structure to a wine.

It was also introduced into Valais as an alternative to Johannisberg, but it didn’t fare so well and today survives in only a few small areas in Unterwallis.  

Griset blanc, Melon de Jura, Mukhranudi Light-Bodied White Wines Geneva, Valais, Vaud France
Red Gamaret

A new variety, developed in 1970 at Pully (Vaud), Gamaret is enjoying a growing success with producers and consumers alike. It produces a wine that is richly colored and well-structured with sometimes-spicy notes that ages well.

Gamaret is a cross between Gamay and Reichensteiner (a white grape.)

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Red Humagne Rouge

An alpine red variety that is a specialty in Valais, this vine is no relation to the similarly named Humagne blanche.

Humagne Rouge is a hardy, late ripening grape whose planted surface has increased largely during the last 20 years. It produces fine wine, low in tannin with a slightly wild character that is ideal with game dishes.

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