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Hard to believe that Sémillon’s main claim to fame is its propensity to rot, but because of its soft skin Sémillon is prone to Botrytis cinerea (a.k.a. “noble rot”). The “rot” concentrates the acid and sugar in the grape, and the resulting wine can be complex, rich, sweet, and aromatic. In short: pretty damn nice. The best known of this sweet style wine is Sauternes, coming from the Sauternais region of the Graves, near Bordeaux in France.

Sémillon can also make an elegant dry white wine, but since it can be short on acidity, it is often vinified with Sauvignon blanc.


Malaga; Chevrier; Goulon Blanc, Blanc Doux; Monsois Blanc; Colombarride; Colombier; Goulue Blanc, Semillon Muscat, Semillon Roux, Semillon Crucillant; Groendruif; Sauternes; Greengrape; Petit Semillon, St. Emilion; Wynedruif; Hunter River Riesling; Semijon; Barnawartha Pinot; Boal; Semillon Feher; Sotern

Wine Styles: 
Dry white wine, late harvest, dessert wine, ice wine
Regions Grown: 
Valais and Ticino

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And how's this for a description of the perfect wine? "It's like the perfect wife--it looks nice and is nice, natural, wholesome, yet not assertive; gracious and dependable, but never monotonous.


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