Barrel making tools, Wine Barrel, and Wine Bottles. - Image by A. Haenni

This small wine producer is located on the shore of the Rhein, in the picturesque town of Eglisau. By using modern wine production techniques and limiting grape yields to between 500 and 600 gr. per m2, Weingut Pircher is able to take advantage of the location to produce fine, distinctive wines.

Link: Weingut Pircher
Stadtbergstrasse 368
8193 Eglisau
+41 (0)44 867 00 76
Swiss Wine Region: Zurich
Weingut Diederik

Weingut Diederik rests on the sunny side of lake Zurich. After a 10-minute stroll from Küsnacht ZH Heslibach, you can treat yourself to wine tasting in the farm’s “Rossstall” (horse stable).

The grapevines here have been cultivated by the Welti family for generations. In 2014, Patricia and Diederik Michel leased the vineyard and opened for business in May of that year.

As the winemaker in the team, Diederik is the son of Dutch immigrants. After completing his degree in oenology, he spent 14 years gathering experience in large and small vineyards in Australia, France, and Switzerland. 

Weingut Diederik manages to blend modern wine-making methods and new ideas while honoring Swiss wine traditions. There are regular tastings and special events, plus a nice, modern shop.

Küsnacht can be reached by boat, train, or car.

Link: Weingut Diederik
Obere Heslibachstrasse 90
8700 Küsnacht
+41 (0)44 910 55 77
Swiss Wine Region: Zurich